Habits That Cause Gloss Black and How to Overcome It

Had the black lips look is very annoying, because it can not look beautiful and elegant in your appearance. Indirectly black lips can affect a bright blush looks very dull. So that's why everyone, especially women flocked to make efforts to have naturally red lips. By having rosy lips into a smile can make beautiful and has its own charm. But unfortunately not everyone can easily have rosy lips like most women want. Actually, black lips can be caused by several things that are rarely realized. So what is causing the lips black habits and how to solve it? Immediately, note the following review!

Here Habits Causing Black Lips and How to Overcome It

The heat of the sun
The first cause is because the heat of the black lip sun. It is usually experienced by someone who often spend a lot of time outdoors, especially during the daytime. Too long have you often outside the home overheated unwittingly make lips black. To avoid this try to use lip balm as your lips safety when outdoors. But when you use a lip balm prior notice first whether it contains SPF nothing yet. Because the content that is important to make the lips remain protected from the sun.

Often Using Lipstick
The second cause is seldom realize is that too frequent use of lipstick makes lips black. In case this does not mean prohibited from using lipstick, but it's just that you have to really pay attention to the contents of the content of lipstick. The content of paraffin and metals in lipstick makes lips black. If you are too old to use lipstick will be the accumulation of such substances so as to make the lips black.

The last thing that makes lips turned black due to allergies. Some people claim to cosmetic allergies, thus making the lips appear blackened. This healthy state of the lips do not happen as he haphazardly choosing and using cosmetics. Some compounds that are able to make your lips to black are the levels of lead, mercury, and wax is high enough to make your lips blackened. The solution is to always read ingrediens lipstick and adapted to the conditions of your lips.

How to Cope with Natural Black Lips
Applying lemon and honey, the first natural ingredient that you can use to make bright red lips are lemon and honey. Both natural ingredients are indeed a very powerful one, where honey can make your lips become red and the lemon can help exfoliate the lips are black.
Multiply drinking water, to make your lips red steps you can do is to consume lots of water regularly. In addition, this method can prevent dehydration.
Using olive oil, oil types which one I ni is very reliable to help lips back to red again. This is because olive oil contains omega 3 and antioxidants which can counteract free radicals and remove dead skin cells.
Now that's an explanation for the behavior that can make black lips and how to overcome them. A few explanations and hopefully this time can be beneficial to us all.
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