Food First Trimester Pregnancy

Choosing the type of food for pregnant women the first trimester is very important that appropriate. This is because pregnancy is a very happy moment for everyone, especially for pregnant women. Because hope to have the baby soon fulfilled. Usually pregnant women in the face of a pregnancy in the first trimester tends to be cautious. This is because the gestation period is critical. It is also important to determine fetal development is still in the womb and into the first trimester. Food has a significant influence on the health of the fetus in the process of growth.

Related to the food to be consumed by pregnant women, many perceptions that people who are pregnant should consume a lot of food because it is pregnant with the fetus. All you need to know that perception is wrong, but the truth is filled with double the nutritional condition before pregnancy. In the first trimester maternal under- should really keep her pregnancy, because they are very vulnerable. Therefore, be aware of the nutritional intake and keep activity mothers not to be too tired and avoid extreme movements in order not fetus in the womb. In the first trimester, pregnant women usually experience a variety of disorders related to hormonal changes. These include the occurrence of nausea and vomiting, or who is often called morning sickness. To control the condition with less by eating the right foods and good for. Well here is the first trimester pregnant mother's diet that can you know.

This is food Trimeter First Pregnancy

Pregnant women first food is vegetables. The vegetables are very good for the first trimester of pregnancy. Because vegetables are a source of major minerals needed for pregnant women and fetuses. It is also useful to help cope with morning sickneess that occurred during her first pregnancy. This is because it contains some very high nutrients inside one of them is iron. The content of help for the formation of red blood cells so that pregnant women avoid many health problems. Vegetables are good for consumption are broccoli, spinach, potatoes, radishes, beans and squash.

Besides eating vegetables, pregnancy in the first trimester is also very well matched well by eating fruits. Because the fruit contains nutrients and vitamins that help solve the problem of constipation is experienced by mothers during the first trimester understood. Sembelin is salahs atu natural ganggan often experienced by pregnant women in addition to the first trimester morning sickness. It is also very useful to support brain development in infants. Excellent fruit consumption for pregnant women in the first trimester pregnant women include oranges, apples, strawberries, avocado, guava, mango, dates, dragon fruit, melon, tomatoes, and so on. How the presentation of the fruit can be consumed directly or can also be made juices. It should be considered in the consumption of fruit is cleaned first before eating to avoid possible contamination, namely with peeled and washed with clean water.

Dairy Products
The type of food is good for the mother terakir yan hajmil first trimester is dairy products. Dairy products are also a food first trimester pregnant women. So that's the reason why pregnant women are often advised to consume dairy products.
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