Food Dangerous For Pregnant Women to Know

If the previous article we had discussed about the foods that can prevent birth defects. On this occasion we will discuss about foods that are harmful to the health of pregnant women. Keeping a healthy pregnancy is a duty for every pregnant woman to do so. Keeping konsisi maternal health include various things such as lifestyle, environment and food. All you need to know the food is one of the main factors that can affect the health of pregnant women and especially for the fetus in the womb. Moreover, today many types of food that is circulated into the food harmful to health. The food was harmful to the health of pregnant women are foods that contain hazardous substances such as contain preservatives and many others. So because of that for you the expectant mother must be smart in choosing the food was really good and healthy.

With regards to food, usually for pregnant women eat foods that he liked it. From there often overlook the condition of healthy food or not. So because of that family obligation or engagement to help preserve the health of pregnant women. So what are the foods that can be harmful to the health condition of pregnant women? Immediately, note the following review!

This is food that is Dangerous For Pregnant Women to Know

Raw Food
The first type of food that is harmful to the health condition of pregnant women are raw foods. Raw foods are intended as seafood, sushi uses raw meats and other foods. Raw food is not very good indeed consumed by pregnant women because it can interfere with the health of pregnant women and fetuses. This is because raw foods contain bacteria and viruses. Where viruses and bacteria that can cause premature and fetal concentrations of potentially infected with the virus toxo. The virus toxo dapay make a lot of fluid in the fetal head so that the head of the fetus will have a size larger than the size of the fetus in general.

Foods with Artificial Sweetener
In addition to raw foods, foods containing artificial sweeteners are also very dangerous for the health of pregnant women. Nowadays many processed foods that use a mix of artificial sweeteners. Eg cakes, snacks and sweets. Addictive substances contained in the artificial oemanis would be very dangerous to the health of the fetus and the expectant mother.

Canned food
Canned food is somewhat very practical, such as sardines. But did you know that canned food is very dangerous for the health of pregnant women and fetuses. This is because in canned food contains harmful chemicals. If the content is included in the pregnant woman's body can be made pregnant miscarriage. Because the fetus is still very vulnerable to the ki he poisoned by substances that enter the body through canned food consumed by pregnant mothers.

Goat Meat and Processed
For food injurious to health of pregnant women latter is goat meat and processed meat. Pregnant women are very strictly forbidden to consume goat meat and processed meat. This is because goat meat can be hot in the womb and causing miscarriage. Meanwhile, processed meat, according to research Unhygienic which can cause the fetus infected with viruses and harmful bacteria.
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