Dangers of Excessive Salt Eating For Health

Salt or sodium is to share a single substance that is not foreign to you. Usually, salt is often used as a spice in the kitchen for the cause of the food and make different types of cuisine to be savory and delicious. Well although it has an important role in the taste of food, you know what is behind it all turned out to be salt is very harmful to health when consumed in excess. The body is only allowed to consume salt in the size limit of 1500 to 2300 milligrams per day only. But it also depends on the health condition of the body at the time. When consuming more salt than a predefined size then you could say these conditions have excess salt. If it is left alone would be devastating for the health of the body. So what adverse effects or dangers of excessive salt consumption to health? Immediately, note the following review!

Here Dangers Consuming salt to be Excessively You Go

Causes High Blood Pressure or Hypertension
Dangers that can be caused due to excess salt consumption is a cause of hypertension or high blood pressure. Especially for those who have the talent hypertension where mostly because of the influence of genetic or hereditary should also be careful. Usually when a person has experienced excess salt and experiencing hypertension body will become weak and felt dizzy. So that's why as much as possible to always be careful and reduce excessive salt intake.

Raises Cardiovascular Disease
Besides can cause hypertension, excess salt consumption can also lead to cardiovascular disease. This disease is one disease or health problems that can make the body becomes very weak. According to a study stating that the disease has a very close relationship with hypertension. So when a person can reduce the intake of salt each day could decimate cure disease or cardiovascular risk as much as 25% within a period of 10-15 years. With so highly can prove that excessive salt intake, hypertension is a potential cause of appearance of symptoms of cardiovascular disease health.

Causing swelling in the Heart
As a result of excessive salt consumption is further can cause swelling of the heart. Swelling of the heart occurs because there is a condition known as left ventricular hypertrophy. It is arguably the swelling that occurs in the muscles that make up the room air pump more depressed and narrow. This is all due to the emergency intake of salt and sodium overload, causing a person to experience the swelling of the heart.

Occurrence cause fluid retention
The dangers of excess salt intake latter is cause fluid retention. Fluid retention is a condition where the water will be absorbed, by sodium, so the body will experience water shortages. This will cause the body to become dehydrated. So it becomes difficult to concentrate, it is easy to feel tired, weak, and experiencing hallucinations as well as many other health problems, especially those associated with the thought process. You must have often experienced this, especially when you eat food that is too salty, like chips and fried food. Then you will definitely feel very thirsty and very dry throat, even if the salt contained in food too much, can cause throat and oral cavity becomes injured because it was too dry.

Now that's an explanation of the effects of excessive salt consumption on health.
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